❝OIL MASSAGE นวดน้ำมัน❞


Hot Aroma Massage using warmed Herbal Aromatic Oil in the treatment. It is firmed and fined massage to creat a pleasant moment. Heat helps greatly unwinding muscle strain and tension. It relaxes the stiffness and tightness on the body. Moreover, it generates the energy flow through all vessels and improves circulation. Fatigue and tiredness will be eased and gone away.

Aromatic Scent from botanical oil promotes mental relaxing. Inhaling it during the session relieve anxiety and worry. It also activate nervous systems and function. Therapists use fined massage technique to revive balancing body and mind.

Aroma Massage is a therapeutic massage with essential oils (highly concentrated Herbal and Botanic oils) added to the massage oil. Inhaling essential oils through the nose promotes healing and feeling of well-being and beneficial relaxes in the mind and body. Aroma Massage is firm and gentle and use all kinds of technique in one to release all stress and tension from each parts of body. It affects nervous system, immune system, and body functions.


​No.1 Popular Thai massage in Shimbashi&Ginza


About Oil massage


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